Paperways Palette Label Sticker Set / Sound of Music


Paperways Palette Label Sticker Sets are packed full of plain coloured stickers ideal for brightening up notebook pages and schedule entries.

With a cool gradient colour palette that’s inspired by the move “The Sound of Music”, this colourful sticker set is perfect for labelling and highlighting various points in your planner. This creative set contains four sticker sheets with simple shaped stickers in a vibrant red, blue and yellow colour palette.

The Details:

  • set of gradient stickers and labels
  • 4 paper label sticker sheets included
  • variety of sticker shapes - rectangles, circles and squares
  • ‘Sound of Music’ colour names : vermilion, tangerine, spring green, edelweiss, warm sky, slate blue
  • designed by J.Han for Paperways

    Brand: Paperways