MT Washi Tape Cutter • White x Pink

MT Masking Tape

With mt masking tape’s washi tape cutter at the ready you’ll be all set for decorating your workspace in a jiffy. A great little addition to your desk, this washi tape dispenser quickly and easily allows you to brighten up your workspace and neatly dispense a strip of tape whenever it’s needed.

In a pink and white 2tone design, this stylish washi tape dispenser is a great little tool to have at hand for decorating with your favourite tape.

The magnetic design allows you to easily change up the tape in the dispenser and if you have a couple of these tape cutters, it also sticks the tape cutters together for one very tidy tape cutting tool.

The Details:

  • single mt masking tape washi tape dispenser
  • suitable for 15mm width mt washi tape
  • magnetic for easy storage
  • mt masking tape brand

Vendor: MT Masking Tape