MT Set Of Three Thin Washi Tapes - Yellow, Green and Blue

MT Masking Tape

Get creative with this set of plain coloured thin washi tapes by mt masking tape. In three complimentary colours, this cute set of skinny washi tapes is perfect for adding embellishment to all sorts of craft projects. Washi tapes are also great for giving your stationery and home-ware a mini makeover as they're easy to tear by hand and they can be repositioned too. With a fresh and springy colour palette, three hues of paper tape are included. There's a bright yellow, a fresh green 'wakamidori' and a bright blue 'ruri'.

Skinny washi tapes are great for making patterns and creating artwork as their slim size lends itself to more detailed crafting. Use these thin coloured washi tapes for adding outlines to envelopes, for making striped designs on gift wrap and for adding borders to handmade cards and invitations. These cute spring bright coloured washi tapes are excellent for adding a splash of colour to your planner, journal or diary. Thin washi tapes make great accents in notebooks and textbooks too as they can be used to separate certain sections and mark out important text and paragraphs.

The Details:

  • One set of three slim washi tape rolls (G)
  • Yellow, wakamidori (fresh pine green) and ruri (bright blue) 
  • Each roll measures 6mm in width and has 10m of tape
  • Made in Japan by Kamoi Kakoshi