MT Set of Three Slim Washi Tapes - Deco Florals (D)

MT Masking Tape

Get your craft on with this cute set of three patterned washi tapes. This set of three slim MT washi tapes are super thin, which means they're perfect for making all sorts of detailed designs. We're thinking outlines on envelopes and letters, attention boxes in your notebooks, all sorts of clever things.

Featuring three different designs, these thin Japanese washi tapes come in green, pink and orange. They all feature complimentary designs of flowers, gingham and dots, which are perfect for adding a girly touch to your stationery and other bits and bobs. MT masking tapes are easy to tear by hand, made from 'washi' paper and are even easy to re-position.

The Details:

  • One set of three slim washi tape rolls
  • Each roll measures 6mm in width and has 10m of tape
  • Made in Japan by Kamoi Kakoshi