MT Set of Three Slim Washi Tapes - Bright Stripes (B)

MT Masking Tape

If you've not tried thin washi tapes yet, you're in for a treat. These super slim rolls make embellishing stationery and gift wrap incredibly easy. Thin washi tapes are perfect for making borders around envelopes and cards and they also make great dividers for large blocks of text if you fancy adding a colourful accent to your notebooks and text books.

With three bright coloured tapes included, you can decorate to your heart's content with these skinny washi tapes. Made in Japan by the original washi tape manufacturer, Kamoi Kakoshi, MT masking tapes are super high quality and have lovely patterns and colours. These slim washi tapes come in a set of three, which when stacked together just about makes the size of a standard washi tape. That should give you an idea of how slim these tapes are.

The tapes in this set all have diagonal striped patterns in a trio of colour combinations including pink, blue and grey, red and yellow and pink and green.

The Details:

  • Colours - yellow and red stripe / pink and neon green stripe / pink, blue and silver stripe
  • One set of three thin washi tape rolls
  • Each roll measures 6mm in width and has 10m of tape
  • Made in Japan by Kamoi Kakoshi