MT Masking Tape Washi Tape Set - 20PC

MT Masking Tape

Hold onto your very stylish hat, the washi mothership has landed in the form of this whopping washi tape set. The perfect gift for a very lucky friend or family member, this huge set of 20 mt masking tapes also makes a super treat for yourself.

With a veritable rainbow of decorative mt tapes at your disposal, you can get crafting up a storm. Embellish cards, envelopes, journals and gift wrap with this large 20pc mt washi tape set. Made in Japan by Kamoi Kakoshi, washi tape is made from Japanese rice paper. It's reposition-able, easy to write on and you can tear it by hand.

This mt washi tape set offers you a spectrum of bright and subtle shades. A staple for any craft aficionado or stationery connoisseur, this mammoth set of slim paper tapes is bound to jump right to the top of your wish list.

The Details:

    • 20 washi tape rolls included
    • Each tape measures 7mm (W) x 10m (L)
    • Made in Japan
    • light colours: rose pink / lavender / ninjin / salmon pink / wakanae / wakamidori / baby blue / mizu / tamago / himawari
    • dark colours: wine / haimurasaki / ruri / asahanada / aoinibi / beige / uguisu / cork / cocoa / peacock