MT Masking Tape

MT Nano Washi Tape Cutter 15mm - 3pc Set

Easy, quick and clean. The mt nano tape cutter is the perfect accessory for your washi tape collection.

Not only do these washi tape cutters speed up your crafting and decorating, they also make handy little stands for your tapes too. Simply pop these clever nano tape cutters on your favourite mt masking tape washi tapes and you'll be able to cleanly and easily cut strips of washi tape in a jiffy.

Thread the tape over the bar and under the teeth of the nano cutter. Push the 'mt' labelled section to move the cutter further along the roll.

In a set of three cutters designed for the 15mm width mt washi tapes, mt nano cutters are convenient, smart and a proper treat for anyone that loves washi tape.

The Details:

  • 3 x 15mm nano tape cutters
  • white, grey, red
  • suitable for 15mm width mt washi tape
  • mt masking tape brand