MT Matte Black Washi Tape

MT Masking Tape

No washi tape collection is complete without mt masking tape's matte black tape.

A stylish staple for your desk, this black washi tape is an absolute dream when paired with white ink as it looks just like chalkboard. If you fancy making chalkboard / blackboard labels, then this black washi tape is totally the tape for you. Perfect for labelling stationery, folders and home decor e.g. tea and coffee jars, this super high quality washi tape will be the new star of your stationery stash.

Wonderful when paired with simple brown kraft paper, mt masking tapes' matte black washi tape is great for sealing envelopes, decorating stationery and popping up photos on the wall. We reckon this tape would look particularly cool on minimal white walls.

In a colour that's always on trend, this black washi masking tape has been made in Japan, is easy to tear by hand and is reposition-able too.

The Details:

  • single roll
  • 15mm x 10m
  • made in Japan