MT ex Animal Washi Tape

MT Masking Tape

Put a little bite into your next craft project with the cute critters adorning this MT ex Animal Washi Tape. An absolute star of Kamoi Kakoshi's Japanese masking tape designs, these animal illustrations look like they could have come from a vintage encyclopaedia found in the cellar of a dusty antique bookshop. 

This super whimsical wide washi tape features all sorts of lovely furry and feathered creatures. From fluffy bunnies, to hopping hares and cuddly bears, the MT ex Animal Washi Tape is anything but ordinary. With a vintage look, this decorative masking tape would suit journals and scrap books perfectly. We can imagine it'd also look rather lovely as an accent on a snail mail package or as a cute way to seal an envelope.

Mt ex Animal Washi Tape evokes a heritage style look that would compliment sage coloured botanicals, peacock teals and other golden autumnal hues perfectly. If you're looking to get inspired by nature and create something wonderfully woodland, then make like Snow White and be a friend to all of these furry forest creatures in the form of this gorgeous Japanese washi tape.

The Details:

  • Single Roll
  • 30mm x 10m
  • Made in Japan