MT Asanoha Shuaka 'Red' Washi Tape

MT Masking Tape

Asanoha is a traditional Japanese geometric pattern that's constructed of diamond-like shapes. This pretty mt washi tape features the asanoha pattern in a vermillion red on a translucent background.

Perfect for adorning planners, journals and notes, this diamond patterned washi tape is the perfect addition to your stationery kit. Like the other prettily patterned tapes from mt masking tape, this asanoha shuaka washi tape is also reposition-able, easy to tear by hand and made in Japan.

Washi tape is brilliant for everyday crafting and adding a special touch to gift wrap. From adorning jam jars to tea lights, this pretty red patterned washi tape is just the thing for adding a pop of colour to your desk.

The Details:

  • single roll
  • 15mm x 10m
  • made in Japan