Midori Mini Diary Stickers • Weather

Make recording each day in your diary a little more colourful with Midori's weather icon stickers.

These cute mini diary stickers have a transparent backing, which makes them great for popping next to dates to keep a mini log of what the weather was like on those days.

midori diary weather stickers

The stickers are re-positionable, so if that downpour comes out of nowhere you can always switch up your weather icon for the day.

A cute way to keep an overview of the vibe that month, this sheet of tiny diary deco stickers is perforated in the middle so you can fold it and tuck it neatly into your diary.

midori mini diary stickers weather

The Details:

  • One sheet
  • Cute mini stickers for decorating your diary
  • Stickers have transparent backing
  • Perforated in the middle so that you can fold the sheet to tuck into your diary
  • Designed by Midori and made in Japan