Mark's Tokyo Edge Notebook - A5 / Blue

Mark's Tokyo Edge

Renowned for it’s clever and functional design, Mark’s Tokyo Edge have brightened up their cool notebook in an all blue design.

Packed full of lined and diamond grid style pages, which are great for noting down lists, memos, doodles and maps, this notebook’s super power lies in it’s convenient zippered cover.

The cover can be used to store all manner of essentials while you’re out and about, such as tickets, passes, keys, coins and even your phone (it’s touchscreen friendly).

Made in Japan, this cool all blue notebook is great for writing sessions and for keeping tabs on your daily essentials.

The Details:

  • notebook + notebook cover with zip pocket + other pockets
  • translucent PVC cover that can be used with most [not all] touchscreen phones
  • 80 pages
  • right page - 7mm feint ruled line for text/lists
  • left page - 2.5mm grid pattern for sketches, maps, and graphs.
  • with cover measures approx H21 x L16 cm
  • notebook measures approx H21 x L14 cm [ A5 ]

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