Livework Pastel Colour Block Point Pens

Add a pop of colour to your desk in the form of these cute pastel ballpoint pens by popular South Korean stationery brand, Livework. With a cute minimal style, this pretty trio of pens feature a colour block design comprised of complimentary ice-cream coloured hues. Just the thing for brightening up your pencil case or adding a little style to your desk, these subtly coloured pens have a narrow nib and black ink, which makes them perfect for writing and detailed doodling.

If you’re constantly searching around the bottom of your handbag for a rogue pen lurking at the bottom, the light bright colour of these Livework pens make them super easy to spot, which is always useful. These Livework Point Pens each feature a colour block design as they have a white/cream coloured band and a contrasting coloured push-top. In three fresh springy designs including grass green, lilac and snow grey, these cute pens not only make a sweet stationery treat for yourself, but also for a lucky friend too.

The Livework Point Pens have black ink and a 0.5mm ballpoint nib with a push-top.

The Details:

  • Ballpoint pen with push-top
  • Black ink
  • Nib : 0.5mm
  • Size: Length 130mm x diameter 10.5mm
  • Designed and made in South Korea by Livework Stationery