Livework Minimal Planner M - Coral


So, you've tried the apps and the extensions and you've realised that planning works the best on paper, we agree! This minimal planner by Livework is an absolute gem of stationery design. It's fuss-free, full of well-designed layouts and perfect for popping down all those plans and to-do lists. When you want to keep your days all nice and tidy, a paper planner is a brilliant go-to for getting organised.

With enough space to plan out 12 months and 31 weeks, you'll be able to keep on top of all those appointments, meetings, tasks and deadlines at a glance. If you're minimally-minded, you'll simple adore the simplicity of this rather chic looking scheduler. Designed and made in South Korea by Livework stationery, this planner is a little larger than A5 size and is compact enough to tote around daily or make a stylish permanent feature on your desk.

This weekly and monthly planner is undated, so you can start at any time. It's completely free from embellishment inside. This means that you can either go nuts with stickers and washi tape, keep it neat or make use of your coloured pen collection. The minimal stylish of this Livework planner makes it perfect for customising to your own personal style.

The cover of this planner is a rich coral, which is accented by a light blue stitched binding.

The Details:

  • no fixed dates
  • colour: coral
  • total of 88 pages
  • 2 index stickers included
  • size: 150 x 220mm
  • Designed by Livework Stationery and made in South Korea


Brand: Livework