Livework 10 Colour Twin Gel Pen Set

Livework’s cute and colourful set of twin gel pens is the easiest way to make your notes and planner layouts pop.

The compact case includes 5 twin pens that have 10 individual colours, which are brilliant for decorating, underlining and colour coding.

Each gel pen has a thick and thin nib at each end in a rainbow of colours including blue, green, mustard yellow, neon lime, pink and orange along with red, sky blue, purple and an always useful black ink.

That handy case makes it easy to keep your pens nice and tidy and it also makes it easy to pop the pens in your bag for planning on the go and upcoming study sessions.

Great for brightening up your notes, journal entries, planner pages and lists, Livework’s 10 colour gel twin pen set is a cheerful and practical addition to your stationery kit.

livework gel pen shade reference

The Details:
  • set of five twin colour gel deco pens
  • thick and thin tip, 0.38mm and 0.7mm
  • ten colours - blue, green, yellow, red, black, neon orange, sky blue, neon pink, purple and neon lime
  • gel ink
  • handy compact case
  • made in South Korea by Livework