Iconic Sticky It Tracing Paper Sticky Notes / Dot


Iconic’s clever tracing paper sticky note pads are perfect for jotting down notes in magazines, text books and planner pages. With four pads in the set, each has a different design. The dot sticky-it set includes a pad with a grey and white dotted design, a yellow striped pattern and light blue and red page flags.

A great addition to your workspace, these super cute sticky notes are perfect for jotting down all those reminders that stack up through the day. The translucent design means that you can have fun overlaying these sticky notes over blocks of text for annotations. memos and highlights.

The Details:

  • design - dot
  • set of tracing paper sticky notes
  • four sticky note pads with four designs - two medium pattern pads and two page flag pads
  • each sticky pad has 30 sheets (120 sheets in total)
  • medium sticky pads measure 55 x 30mm
  • page flag pads measure 55 x 10mm

      Brand: Iconic