MT ex Embroidery Washi Tape

MT Masking Tape

How's this for cool, colourful and pretty embroidery without all the hard work! This MT ex Washi Tape features a beautiful embroidery pattern. In sweet bright cupcake hues, the green, rose and blue embroidery pattern on the tape is made up of a series of flowers and encased by a pink border either side.

The Scandinavian style folk floral pattern on the tape would make the perfect decoration for gift packaging and gift tags. We can also imagine that a little milk bottle shaped vase filled with white flowers wouldn't look complete without a band or two of this embroidery washi tape. Whether you're new to washi tape or you're a seasoned collector, this cute decorative tape is an absolute essential for any crafter's kit as it lends itself perfectly to all manner of projects.

If you love making your own handmade cards, a pretty floral tape like this Embroidery Washi Tape is brilliant as it works well for thank you cards, anniversary cards and birthday cards of course. This roll contains 10 metres of tape which is more than enough for all sorts of rainy day crafting.

The Details:

  • Single roll
  • width - 15mm, length - 10m
  • Made in Japan

Vendor: MT Masking Tape