Livework 10 Colour Vintage Twin Pen Set

If you love easy-on-the-eye shades, then Livework's 10 Colour Vintage Twin Pen Set is for you.

A little different from your usual neon highlighters, this set of deco pens has a subtle ink palette with colours like indi blue, olive, dry rose and salmon pink.

Packaged in a neat case, these vintage deco pens also have twin tips. There's a thick nib for highlighting on one end, and a thin tip for general writing and underlining on the other end.

These vintage colours are truly dreamy, but if you fancy more of a pastel vibe, then it's worth checking out Livework's classic 10 colour pen set too.

The Details:

  • set of five twin colour fibre-tip deco pens
  • thick and thin tip
  • ten colours - indi blue, olive drab, orange red, yellow, violet, dry rose, brown, pale blue, grey, salmon
  • alcohol-based ink, fibre-tip
  • made in South Korea by Livework