Paperways Sea Green Mini Note

Cute, fun and practical, this sea green pocket notebook by Paperways is perfect for jotting down notes on the go. If youre not used to using a pocket notebook, then the Paperways mini notes are a great intro.

Designed for toting to and from classes, the office, coffee shops and pretty much everywhere else, these hardworking mini notebooks are a modern stationery essential.

Alongside planners and apps, this sea green mini note is just the place to scribble wayward thoughts, notes and reminders for catching up on later.

Made with 25% recycled paper, this Korean stationery gem has grid paper inside, which makes it great for spontaneus tables, charts and lists.

The Details:
  • notebook measures 10.5 x 14cm
  • 48 graphic patterned pages
  • staple binding
  • eco-friendly // made from post-consumer recycled paper and printed with soy ink