Iconic Diary Deco Sticker Pack v.8

Brighten up your diary and journal pages with Iconic’s Diary Deco Sticker Pack. Version 8 is packed full of cute patterns and illustrations that are great for making your diary pages extra fun and full of character.

There are 9 sticker sheets included. Three sheets are standard paper stickers with cute illustrations, labels and tags.

Three sheets of the stickers are made with a thinner paper and feature illustrations alongside blocks of pattern, which can be cut up into smaller sticker pieces.

The other three sticker sheets are made of translucent film, which makes them super fun for layering and marking dates in your diary.

Note: Iconic is a popular South Korean stationery designer,  some of the sticker designs do feature some Korean text.

The Details:

  • decorative sticker pack with 9 sticker sheets
  • 3 sheets paper stickers, 3 sheets thin paper stickers, 3 sheet translucent film stickers
  • measures 12 x 16cm

iconic diary deco sticker pack v8