MT Masking Tape

MT Wakanae Yellow Green Washi Tape

Perfect for adding a bold splash of colour to your craft projects, this wakanae washi tape by mt masking tape has a beautiful solid yellow green colour. This mt washi tape is named for the traditional yellow green colour 'wakanae', which has often been used in kimono fabric to represent summer. The bright fresh green colour of this washi tape is likened to young rice seedlings and so it's absolutely brilliant for adding some freshness to your stationery and a colourful little accent to planners, notebooks and journals.

This green 'wakanae' mt washi tape has 10 metres on the roll and can easily be torn by hand. You can use this cute solid green washi tape to embellish gift wrapping, add colour to snail mail and generally make your stationery and home decor a little more colourful.

The Details:

  • single roll
  • 15mm x 10m
  • made in Japan