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Music To Study To

Pictured above: Herringbone Tracing It Sticky Notes

Studying is a bit of an art. You need to be in the right frame of mind, you need to be in the right flow, you need to set the scene correctly. Anything to keep you focused and alert. 

One of the nice things about the internet is that there are a slew of resources that help you hone your perfect study environment. One of the big ones at the moment is music. 

Subscription music services are ten a penny and provide a wide range of music at a good value. The problem then comes with deciding, what music should I put on for my study session? Then comes the arduous exercise of choosing the right music. One with a positive upbeat mood, with no lyrics, with a consistent beat, that suits your mood, and a playlist that is actually long enough. It's actually more of a nuisance than it seems. The time to find the right music, particularly when you just want to cut to the chase and get to studying.

Right now, there are a growing number YouTube videos and channels that address this very issue by providing a long, chilli, music playlist that are perfect for studying.

The following two channels construct the ideal Lofi hip hop background material to get you started. Most of the songs aren't recognisable, there are no lyrics, and the songs vary from small clips to longer mixes. In other words, your mind never drifts to the music itself, but it serves as the perfect backdrop to work. Also the music goes on for 24/7, so theres no need to worry about stopping your study session to change the track.


But, what if your musical taste isn't hiphop. How about classical music?

Or how about trance?

Or jazz?

or electronic?

And if these don't quite float your boat, there are even more available on YouTube.

So there's no excuse, now stop reading this and get studying!