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Getting Ready For 2017!

Getting Ready For 2017!

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a great break and a wonderful New Year. You’ve put your feet up and had your fair share of daytime television, but now it’s time to get back on the productive bandwagon. In summary, it’s tough. You’re used to winding down, now it’s time to wind back up again. Don’t get too downhearted, there is a whole year of opportunity ahead.

It’s a tough gear change but we can help you get back into the working mood. So let's get you planning again.

Now if you are the kind of person who likes to a break down your time in productive chunks, you can break down your time in either weeks or months. Also you could have a desk planner, or could have a diary style planner. The desk style planner give you the option to jot quicker if it is right next to your computer or work desk, where as a diary style planner can be a touch more portable.


Next is a matter of jotting down any ideas (or boredom sketches for that matter). A notepad is small, portable and compact. It does depend on the way in which you capture your ideas and thoughts so you could use any number of apps for your mobile device, but at it’s simplest form a pen and a small notebook is a good speedy way to ensure you keep your thoughts. Add with it the complete free form nature of writing and sketching, you can tailor your note taking as you wish.

But, alas, how do you make notes if you don’t have a pen. The good thing about buying a pen post holidays (or most of our stationery for that matter) is that is a nice treat that you don’t need to justify to your bank manager. Also depending on your preference of note taking, you can use a simple blue or black pen, or your can use multiple colours for a colour coding scheme. Possibly using green for events or red for deadlines in your planner.

Speaking of colour coding, if you wish to organise with a touch more flair, Washi Tapesmake the perfect creative organisation tool. Not simply for your planner or your journal, but perfect for larger scale brainstorming or a calendar (again, perfect for the new year).

So get a brew and get comfy. Here’s to 2017!