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5 Washi Tape Wall Calendars for Getting Organised

Remember when masking tape was only available in varying shades of beige? Well thankfully we live in colourful times, which means our walls can get a hefty colour injection with washi tape, which comes in a rainbow of shades and patterns - hurrah!

Made from a traditional ‘washi' rice paper in Japan, one of the key benefits of decorating walls with washi tape is that it’s easy to remove and reposition. Of course, you’re going to want to test a small area on the wall first just to double check that everything’s cool before you go to town with the tape. Smooth, painted walls tend to work best as they provide the ideal surface for the light masking tape adhesive to stick to.

Combining two of our favourite things, washi tapes and planners, can only lead to good things. I’ve found some amazing washi tape wall calendars peppered throughout the web, which make great inspiration if you’re looking to add some colour to your workspace. As well as brightening up your whiteboards and walls, the great thing about these washi tape wall calendars is that you can customise the look and colour to your own tastes.

The creative use of sticky notes in various colours and sizes is really clever and something that you definitely have a lot of fun playing around with. These washi tape wall calendars also remind me that at some point I need to get round to sharing my washi tape kanban board - it's all about visualising that workflow ;)

washi tape wall calendar

1 / This pink, orange and yellow neon washi tape calendar is so cute. The mixed sizing of the numbers is really creative too. That's one bright workspace. (via britandco)

washi tape calendar

2 / Things don't get much more colourful than masté's giant washi tape calendar. The mix of colours, patterns and sticky notes makes it super eye-catching. Each month, all you'd need to do is change up the large washi tape number on the left - genius. ( via the masté blog )

washi tape calendar

3 / Now this is a rainy day project that won't break the bank. Great for adding a splash of colour to those walls, all you need for this fantastic wall calendar is a good stash of washi tapes and sticky notes. ( via modishandmain

washi tape whiteboard calendar

 4 / Jazz up that plain whiteboard with tape! This simple and colourful design is a great way to make the most of a plain dry erase board. ( via Jennifer Snyder )

washi tape whiteboard

5 / Another colourful washi tape whiteboard diy, which makes a great editorial calendar for a blogging team. Also, how cute are those stripes and neon pens? ( via camillestyles )

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