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DIY Christmas Washi Tape Gift Wrap

When you’ve reached the end of the roll of gift wrap or you fancy making your Christmas presents a little more unique, then washi tape gift wrap is just the thing.

Perfect for jazzing up plain printer paper and kraft paper, it’s also a fun way to use up your washi tape stash.

diy washi tape gift wrap

I’ve gone for metallics, but reds and greens, blues and mint colours would also look really cute too.

diy washi tape gift wrap


  • washi tapes
  • plain paper / kraft paper
  • scissors

diy washi tape gift wrap

How To:

  1. Wrap up your gifts
  2. Cover in washi tape. Cute patterns can be made from shapes like triangles and squares or you can simply go for stripes or cover the whole thing entirely. Have fun ;)

diy washi tape gift wrap

Washi tapes used in this post:

mt dot gold, mt plain gold, mt stripe gold, mt deco monochrome set, mt stripe mint, mt wakamidori green, mt baby blue