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DIY Washi Tape Christmas Gift Tags

My favourite kind of diy project is simple, quick and easy. It’s also useful when you don’t need too many supplies or you actually have them in your craft stash ready to go.

Being constantly surrounded by shiny gold and silver tapes, these diy washi tape Christmas gift tags were always on the cards. This is a great little diy that’s fun to make and helps you work your way through that endless washi tape mountain that you’ve accumulated.

DIY washi tape christmas gift tags

Of course, the tapes can be swapped out for different colour schemes. Red and gold is great for a traditional look, blue and silver is super pretty, black and gold always looks luxe.

DIY washi tape christmas gift tags


  • washi tapes
  • white card
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • hole puncher

How To:

  1. Draw or print out your templates. I pasted these templates onto a plain word doc and printed on white card: mitten, christmas tree, star.
  2. Cut out your templates.
  3. Trace around your template on a piece of card.
  4. Flip the card over and have fun covering with washi tapes.
  5. Flip the card back over (with the washi taped side on the back) and cut out your template shape.
  6. Use a hole punch to create a hole for twine or string.
  7. Voila! Scribble down your winter wishes and attach to gifts.

DIY washi tape christmas gift tags

Washi tapes used in this post:

mt dot gold, mt plain gold, mt stripe gold, mt deco monochrome set, mt stripe mint, masté winter forest