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6 Supplies For Making Pretty Notes

Making pretty study notes is a great way to express your creative side and engage with the material that you’re learning. Of course, the end goal is still to absorb information, so a simple approach is probably the best route forward.

If you’d like your notes to be a little more visually appealing, there are a couple of supplies that are easy to use and that won’t distract you too much in the process. Let’s brighten up those notes!

1. Highlighters and deco pens.

Most revision guides will encourage you to highlight as it’s a useful way of breaking large blocks of text into more digestible chunks. Colour coding your notes is a classic technique for differentiating headings, important points and reminders.

livework 10 colour pen 10

Over the past couple of years, the humble highlighter has had a bit of a makeover, with new pastel colour palettes and different functions.

We love the twin pen style deco pens in particular as they’re great for saving a little bit of space in your pencil case.

2. Sticky notes, page flags and sticky markers

What stationery stash doesn’t include a stack of sticky notes? They’re useful for making quick notes and reminders and as they come in multiple colours and designs, they’re handy for separating different types of topics and to-dos.

making pretty notes - sticky note to do lists

If you’re squeamish about marking library books and textbooks, then translucent film sticky markers like these make a great choice as they’re slightly see-through and easy to layer over text.

Sticky notes come in all shapes and sizes these days, so along with the usual coloured notes, you can also get things like sticky planner sheets, which can be helpful for organising your study schedule.

3. Washi tapes

You’ve probably realised by now that washi tapes can be used for pretty much anything.

pretty notes - pastel rainbow washi tapes

They’re especially effective in notebooks for labelling as you can write on them with a pen. This makes them handy for creating section headings and also for dividing pages up into blocks. You can even use skinny washi tapes for underlining.

4. Stickers

As studying is a pretty intensive activity in South Korea, it makes sense that some of the coolest study-focused stationery would appear amongst our Korean stationery brands like Iconic and Livework.

pretty notes - paperways gradient palette stickers

Livework’s simple colour shape stickers and Paperway’s palette label sticker sets are designed to help with colour coding. The useful thing with stickers is that they don’t demand too much artistic ability either, so they’re a great way to add an instant visual pop to your notes.

5. List pads and memo pads

If you’re anything like me, whenever you’re focused on a task you tend to get a bunch of distractions that break your focus along the way. Things like phone calls, parcel deliveries and emails can all jolt you out of your zone.

pretty notes - make a check list

A memo pad or list pad is a handy catch-all for all of the ideas, reminders and to-do’s that pop up throughout the day. For cute record keeping, the colourful lists and memo pad paper can be easily attached with washi tape to your notebook.

6. Storage

If you tend to make your notes away from your desk, then a slim pencil case or pouch can be useful for taking out and about. The added bonus of a super slim pencil case is that it kind of forces you to pick your core essentials, so you end up spotting your most-loved stationery tools.

pretty notes - storage it notebook

A cool alternative to the pencil case or pouch would be a storage notebook. Mark’s Tokyo Edge make notebooks that are designed to keep all of your study essentials like pens, passes and headphones all in one place. They’re even touchscreen friendly so that you can pop your phone in there - great for trips to the library.