MT Masking Tape's AW15 collection is here and it's washi tape heaven.

MT Masking Tape's AW15 collection is here and it's washi tape heaven.

MT Masking Tape have just dropped their latest designs for AW15 and as expected, they’re all completely lovely. As the original designer and inventor of washi tape as we know it, Kamoi Kakoshi’s MT Masking Tape line of washi tapes utilises high quality materials, vibrant colour ways and unique designs.

mt deco washi tapes

MT seem to have been inspired by geometric designs for their latest mt deco tape series. Triangles, circles and squares are all front and centre as mt goes crazy for colour and simple shapes with their new sankaku, shimasankaku and maru sankaku designs.

In green and red, MT’s line pattern designs have more loops than the Library of Birmingham. Pool blue and orange take cute pebble shapes and pepper them across washi tape for an instantly sweet design that would be brilliant for baby and spring-themed crafting.

Other favourites from the series are the gleaming gold and silver kirakira tapes, that are decorated with brightly coloured starbursts. Bonus…they’re just in time for the Christmas gift wrapping marathon.

mt ex washi tapes

Along with plethora of new deco patterns, mt masking tape have also refreshed their mt ex series of washi tape designs. Whoever came up with the idea of fusing spirograph with washi tape is a genius.

cute washi tapes washi tape candy box washi tape umbrella handle washi tape chopstick rests washi tape crafting washi tape earrings

You can check out the full mt masking tape collection including these amazing new aw15 designs right here.