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8 Pretty Pastel Workspaces

8 pretty pastel workspaces

When you spend most of your day behind a keyboard, even with several double espressos your productivity and creativity can naturally lag. Small touches to your desk like plants, flowers and prints can really give the space a breath of fresh air that’ll make it more welcoming and hopefully less of an energy drain.

Here’s a couple of ideas for adding a little pastel pop to your own work/study space:

  • Pastel toned furniture and homeware. Even one piece like a mint coloured chair or sunshine yellow desk lamp has a great style impact.
  • Shelving, storage boxes and magazine files. Whip out the pastel paints or for a less permanent version, make over your shelving and storage with washi tapes for an instant freshen up. Colour co-ordinated files and boxes are a quick and relatively inexpensive way to brighten up those shelves.
  • Books and magazines. Turn your magazine stash into a colourful feature by stacking your favourite bright issues together.
  • Prints and postcards. Cute pastel prints, postcard illustrations and magazine clippings are the start of an inspiration wall.
  • Stationery, of course! The simplest way to brighten up your desk at home or work is with a bright pop of pastel stationery. Think colourful erasers, candy-coloured notebooks and pastel deco pens.

In fresh ice-cream coloured hues these pretty pastel workspaces are full of inspiring ideas for brightening up your work day.

pastel workspace

image - oyoy

trendy pastel workspace

image - the designblend

pastel workspace

image - 91magazine

bright workspace

Image: jelanieblog

scathingly brilliant pastel workspace

Image: scathingly brilliant

lilac pastel workspace

Image: Ikea

pastel workspace stephbond

Image: stephbond

mint pastel workspace

Source: vtwonen | Photography: Tjiske van Leeuven | Styling: Marianne Luning

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