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Field Notes | Ready For Action

As a Field Notes UK stockist, it wasn’t long before we rediscovered the sheer genius of the humble pocket notebook. While my own Field Notes have some way to go before they're properly worn, I can’t imagine it will be long. As they’re so slim and compact, I’ve got a couple on the go, which each act as an idea catch-all for different topics such as blog posts, travel plans and shopping lists.

field notes notebooks

Intended for some serious wear and tear, Field Notes notebooks are designed for using…not sitting neatly on a shelf. Developed with simplicity and function in mind, Field Notes has become the frequently instagrammed notebook of choice for adventurers, coffee-shop dwellers and creatives.


Serving up a slice of paper-based Americana, Field Notes is the creation of a collaboration between design company Draplin Design Co. and advertising studio Coudal Partners.

field notes shelterwood notebooks field notes cherry graph notebook

Above: Field Notes shelterwood and cherry graph notebooks.


With the core collection of kraft paper notebooks being supplemented by limited runs of seasonal designs, this is where stationery becomes seriously addictive. Take the Shelterwood series, which is crafted from hand-selected cherry trees in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. The real-wood covered notebooks read like a love letter to the great American outdoors.

field notes 01


The notebooks are fuss-free and crafted from high quality materials in the US. With the intention making an ‘honest memo book’, Field Notes pocket notebooks are the perfect repository for dumping the contents of your brain on a daily basis.

Although a pocket notebook doesn’t replace a calendar, planner or diary, Field Notes work great in tandem with organisational stationery. At the forefront of the memo book revival, these notebooks are brilliant for jotting down adhoc plans, lists and reminders before adding them to your main planning tool later.

Images by Fox and Star and Field Notes Brand