Take a look at the super detailed notebook of a football commentator

June 03, 2015 1 min read

Great football commentators don’t just provide a real-time play-by-play of who has the ball and which way it’s going. They also offer stats, history and reports to give the audience a knowledgable and insightful commentary into the game.

Remembering all of those stats requires some serious note-taking power. 8by8mag gives us a peak into the detailed notebook of BBC Radio Newcastle’s Nick Barnes, where he records a two-page spread for each Sunderland match that he commentates.

football commentary notes 08football commentary notes 07

On the left-hand side he notes down the info about the opposing club. He fills in the commentary notes on the right-hand side while the match is in play.

football commentary notes 06 football commentator notes 01 football commentator notes 03

Using club badges, flags, boxes and a whole host of sharpies and coloured pens, Barnes gives us a great peek into how much research and prep goes into match commentary.

football commentator notes 02 football commentator notes 04

All images via Henrik Knudsen for Eight by Eight