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14 amazing and unusual Japanese stationery designs

japanese stationery

1 - Sushi Staplers

sushi stapler

You know what makes your desk look a lot more interesting, a stapler that looks like nigiri.

2 - Sakura Hole Punch

sakura hole punch

Add a little touch of Spring to your workspace with this adorable sakura hole puncher that transforms paper into a flurry of delicate little cherry blossom petals.

3 - Beetle Tip Highlighters

beetle tip highlighters

These unusual highlighters have an odd beetle shaped tip that enables you to highlight in three different ways. They're definitely one way to make your next study session a little more colourful.

4 - Fast Food Shaped Erasers

fast food erasers

Iwako make a whole feast worth of erasers modelled on everything from food to weaponry. Yep. A Japanese stationery fan's dream, these cute Japanese erasers are worth collecting.

5 - Sushi Memo Blocks

sushi memo pads

There's something about the neat and aesthetic appeal of sushi that seems to lend itself to inventive Japanese stationery design. These memo blocks look pretty amazing all lined up in an orderly row.

6 - Mildliners


Forget bright luminous neons that you can spot across the street, these Japanese 'mildliner' highlighters come in a variety of subtle pastel shades.

7 - 500 colour pencils

rainbow pencils

An art-lover's dream, Japanese company Felissimo have created an entire spectrum of pencil crayons in 500 different hues. Naming those colours must have taken some time.

8 - Staple Free Stapler

staple free stapler

Free yourself from the task of ever buying staples again with this clever device that pierces and folds paper to attach it without classic metal staples.

9 - Animal Rubber Bands

animal rubber bands

The humble rubber band is shaped into an adorable variety of animals including everything from dinosaurs to livestock.

10 - Wood Block Memo Pad

wood block memo pad

Looking not unlike a block of solid wood, this Japanese memo block design is a fantastic stylish addition to any smart-looking desk.

11 - Mackerel Pencil Case

mackerel pencil case

Not yet entirely sure if this is delightful or slightly quease-inducing. Either way, this mackerel pencil case is definitely a stationery themed talking point.

12 - Veggie Pens

vegetable pens

When scouting out unusual Japanese stationery, a common theme seems to be food. I'm rather taken with that mushroom pen.

13 - Goldfish Washi Tape

washi tape

There are heaps of different washi tape designs. The best quality washi tape and the most unusual designs though come out of Japan, the home of creative masking tape. This masté goldfish washi tape would add a fresh pop of colour to your stationery kit for sure.

14 - Ice Cream Crayons


Although the 'ice-cream flavour' wording implies that you could happily munch away on these crayons, that is not a good idea. 'Ice cream flavour' actually refers to the colours of the crayons. I mean, who needs single colour crayons when you could have a yummy looking blend of ice cream hues?