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Dots, grids and stripes - MT Masking Tape debut heaps of brand new patterns

The designers have been busy at mt masking tape, that's for sure. Post-2014's new colour line up, which bought us such creatively named solid washi tape colours as 'tamago' egg yellow and 'wakamidori' fresh succulent green, Kamoi Kakoshi have developed a new range of patterns.

mt masking tape new patterned washi tapes

There are four new core patterns in a rainbow of colour combinations. Dots, horizontal 'border' stripes, diagonal stripes and a grid 'hougan' design.

With so many new patterns and colours to choose from, it's been super fun adding these new designs to the mt masking tape collection.

Instant favourites? That's tough, they're all so cute! However, I'd probably say that 'hougan peach on cream', 'border grey', 'stripe mint' and 'dot spring' are the ones that I can't wait to get decorating with. 

If you're after some inspiration for whipping up something with our new mt washi tape patterns, then mt masking tape have of course got you covered with their creative ideas.

washi tape food gift wrap washi tape food packaging washi tape gift wrap mt masking tape washi tape hat

To check out all the new mt masking tape patterns in stock, just hop over here.

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