DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Treat Bags

by Ariane H November 11, 2014

DIY washi tape advent calendar treat bags : fox and star blog

So a couple of days ago I ended up purchasing a whole stash of cadburys heroes. They were just staring at me in the aisles, it would have been rude not to, right? In a futile attempt to ration them out and not wolf them down in the space of an hour, I thought they'd be perfect for advent treats.

Faced with the prospect of making lots of tiny little treat bags, a brainwave suddenly hit me. Origami paper. It's the perfect size for whipping up a treat bag big enough for a couple of sweets.

DIY washi tape advent calendar treat bags : fox and star blog

In a break from the traditional red, green and gold, I thought I'd go for a proper bright rainbow palette.

The treat bags / envelopes are super easy to make. It's just a case of folding them, popping the sweets inside and adding a bit of washi tape to seal. If you're eagle eyed, you'll also spot the thin washi tape from the mt slim sets on the mini wooden pegs.

I've printed off numbers, but this would totally work with initials too for party favours.

DIY washi tape treat bags - step by step | fox and star blog


- origami paper or plain paper

- washi tapes

- mini pegs

- white card for the numbers

- glue roller or glue stick

- all the sweets


How To:

1. glue tape roller at the ready

2. add glue tape to right edge

3. fold the right edge over about two thirds of the way

4. fold and stick the left side

5. fold the bottom of the paper up (both sides together)

6. add some tape.

7. open the little bag and pop in the sweets. Seal with washi tape.

Ariane H
Ariane H


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