Lightweight Gift Ideas For Sending Abroad

November 05, 2014

Christmas might seem like it's a fair way away, but if you've got friends overseas that are going need a pressie or two for their stocking, now's the time to get your thinking cap on. Whether you're sending to the USA, Australia, Japan or other far-flung lovely destinations here are some Christmas present ideas to get you started.

The last recommended post dates are out for Royal Mail. Most airmail (or international standard as the service is now known) parcels need to be with the post office and on their merry way by early-mid December at the very latest. When you factor in strikes, customs, depot delays and all that snow palava, then it totally makes sense to get organised early.

Luckily you're in the presence of a person that spends half her daylight hours in the post office, so I'm going to give you the rundown for a couple of good lightweight airmail gift ideas.

Royal Mail airmail prices are classed by weight. The cheapest option is under 100g, but remember you'll need packaging to keep it snug too, which can add onto the weight. Here's our rough gift guide for weighing up airmail gift ideas.

 Ideas under 100g

- stickers and labels

- pens and pencils

- sweets

- bookmarks

- sticky notes

- a couple of washi tapes

- makeup e.g. eyeliner pencils, eyeshadow, lip balms etc

- gift cards [ for online stores ]

- jewellery / watches / cufflinks

- travelcard cases

Ideas under 250g

- Pocket planners / small diaries

- lightweight journals and notebooks

- toiletry bag / make up bags / pouches / pencil cases

- make up palettes

- compact watercolour / paint palettes

- socks / gloves / hats

- purses & wallets

- DVD's / console & PC games (check regions)

- chocolate & sweets

Ideas under 500g

- mini toiletry gift sets

- small photo frame

- small tote bags

- mugs, homeware (may needs lots of bubblewrap)

- lightweight slippers

- book

- photo album

- even more chocolate & sweets

- t-shirts 

Over 500g

Now we're in crazy territory. You obviously don't need any advice ; )

One more thing to note...things like nail polishes, aerosols and large bottles of liquid along with live creatures and so on tend to be a bit of a no-no for sending abroad. It's always best to check if it's good to go abroad before you buy. You can check out Royal Mail's prohibited / restricted regs here.

Are you a seasoned snail mailer? Got any tips for lightweight gifts for sending abroad?

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