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DIY :: Marble Photo Background

DIY :: Marble Photo Background - Fox and Star blog

Stationery above - O-Check Deer Stitch Notebook : Livework Vermillion Point Pen : MT Masking Tapes

If you’re a regular on Pinterest, you’ll most likely have spotted the marble revival. It’s everywhere. From food photos, to beauty products and craft tutorials, the luxe-looking surface is a noticeable interior trend this year.

Photographing on plain white backgrounds is always the ‘go-to’ for product shots as it helps convey the detail and colour of the product. If you fancy mixing it up though and getting the marble-look for your photos, you don’t have to splash out on some super expensive slab of rock. The answer is…vinyl.

A couple of weeks ago, a DIY worth favouriting drifted through my Twitter feed. Rebecca of From Roses had given her desk a marble makeover with the help of self adhesive marble vinyl, making for an even more enviable workspace. Total genius.

Armed with Fablon self adhesive vinyl scissors, a white foam board, measuring tape and a pen, I managed to whip up my own marble surface fairly quickly. The trickiest part is smoothing out the bubbles, but if you remove the backing layer slowly and smooth any bubbles out as you go, you’ll have no worries at all.

DIY :: Marble Photo Background

Expect this background to star in more stationery-themed shots to come. Meanwhile, I’ll try to resist covering every smooth surface into an ode to the Sistine chapel.

Do you fancy giving this a go? Any other textures / patterns you recommend for photo backgrounds?