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Embrace the new season with our Autumn stationery picks

fox and star autumn stationery picks

Summer has passed and now Autumn is here. With the sun resting a touch lower in the sky and the leaves turning a crisp brown, we look forward to the new season and embrace the last few months of the year.

One of the best ways of greeting this new time is by looking at your workspace. Embrace the new season with a couple of sweet stationery treats. All you need for cosy evenings in is a place to pop down your thoughts and a warming mug of hot chocolate.

We’ve rounded some of our favourite stationery picks to see you through the new season.

Although O-Check’s tagline reads ‘spring comes, rain falls’, they’ve captured the chilly days of autumn perfectly with their woodland patterned Deer Stitch notebook. Eco-friendly, this notebook would be just the spot for jotting down lists and thoughts.

The mighty pen holds an important place in any workplace. Whether you want to look like you’re taking notes, or are genuinely taking notes, Livework’s Colour Block Point Pens are ideal. The subtle mix of pastel and saturated coloured pens are a bold and versatile accompaniment to any stationery pot. Choose which colour takes your fancy and scribble like there is no tomorrow!

Whether it be brainstorming your next meeting, or doodling cats, you are going to need somewhere to write. Bring in the The Art Of Instruction Botanical Notebook Collection. As the nature sways with the seasons, embrace the change around you with this trio of beautiful notebooks, blanketed with gorgeously detailed botanical artworks

All of the above also handily make great birthday or Christmas presents.

But we arent the masters of all things Autumn, what would you add to the list? Maybe our cute woodland bookplates or perhaps a few of our ever extensive range of mt masking tape washi tapes. Either way let us know either in the comments or give us a wave at @thefoxandstar.

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Happy Autumn!