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Ever Wonder How Washi Tape Is Made?

Well, you’re in luck because the world’s leading washi tape manufacturer, Kamoi Kakoshi, gives us a peek into the meticulous process behind making their wonderful ‘mt masking tape’ line of washi tapes.

Kamoi Kakoshi has been manufacturing adhesive paper tape in Japan since 1923. Since then, they’ve developed a range of over 35 different types of masking tape. This includes the super popular ‘mt masking tape’ washi tape line that we stock right here.

The first paper masking tapes were made in the United States back in 1925. ‘Washi tape’ though is a little different and uses a traditional type of Japanese paper. So, as you’ve probably guessed, ‘washi tape’ as we know it originates in Japan.

Images and text courtesy of mt masking tape, please excuse any odd phrasing or interesting spelling :)

ever wonder how washi tape is made? mt masking tape takes us through the process of making our favourite creative essential | fox and star