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Your New Favourite Pen : The Livework Pattern Pen

Livework Pattern Pen : Fox and Star Blog

Livework Pattern Pen : Fox and Star Blog

Who does this pen work best for? Anyone that loves Livework Stationery's cute design and could do with adding a bit of colour to their workspace. At the moment, we have a complimentary trio of patterns including the blue stripe, cloud and rabbit that you can see in the pictures below. As they're very affordable, they would make a sweet creative gift for anyone that's likes journaling or doodling.

What does pen work best for?
Probably planners. As the nib is super narrow at 0.38mm they're great for small and allocated spaces, such as the sections in planners. They're also really useful for detailed doodling too.

How does it write?

Take a gander at my messy handwriting below to see for yourself what this pen looks like on paper.

Livework Pattern Pen : Fox and Star Blog 

Livework Pattern Pen

 If your desk deserves a cute new pen, you can check out the Livework pattern pens in the shop here