Quick Craft : Washi Tape Watermelon and Pineapple

This morning I felt like my desk was in need of a little summer spruce up. I tend to favour the white on white look when it comes to my workspace, just to keep things clean. Every now and then I photograph stationery and washi tapes on the desk, so most of my cute stationery stash is kept all nice, neat and organised on my bookshelf.

As my workspace could do with a little bit of life, I thought why not add some colour to the cute cacti perched on my desk. The 'mini plant pots' are actually cheap white espresso cups. As I hail from The Potteries, I'm never short of ceramics. Although I'm still searching for the perfect teapot!

Cute Washi Tape Pineapple Cute Washi Tape Watermelon

The old mt masking tape colours including cosmos pink, hakka mint green and apricot have sadly been discontinued. The bright side though is that we've just received all of the beautiful new colours and they're even prettier than the last batch of mt washi tape. You can check out the new colours here.