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Washi Tape Ice Lolly Tags | Summer Inspired Gift Wrap

Out of all of the Fox and Star Pinterest boards, the one I probably pin the most to is the board dedicated to gift wrap. It seems like I'm not the only one slightly besotted with all the pretty looking parcels either. Alongside the classic kraft paper parcels tied up with string, Pinterest is full of cute gifts topped with pom poms and paper flowers, which I'll happily coo over all day.

With some plain white card, tissue paper and plenty of mt masking tape washi tapes at my disposal, I whipped up some little summer-themed ice lolly (or popsicle for my American friends) washi tape gift tags. Although today is pretty overcast and rainy, my days have recently been peppered with twisters, soleros and mini milks, summer is finally on the way! I think ;)

summer inspired gift wrap with a cute washi tape ice lolly / popsicle tag | fox and star blog mt masking tape washi tape ice lolly tags 

Also, if you're a fan of pretty gift wrap (who isn't?), follow our Pinterest board for lots of lovely gift wrapping ideas and inspiration!

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