Beautify your desk with

Your fave new stationery is here! We’re super pumped to be a UK stockist (yay!).

If you tend to spend a little too much time on social media, you’ll have likely already bumped into their cute and covetable designs around the web. began life with a range of adorable hair accessories and has since branched into all sorts of girly bits that make days in the office a little more colourful.

A regular in magazines and frequently spotted on celebs, designs really do whip up those good vibes and make a great departure from your everyday desk dwelling stationery. Pure stationery eye candy, the stationery line features such gems as sticky notes filled with inspirational quotes, pencil cases peppered with teeny illustrations and sweet pastel coloured pens. stationery

With those vibrant colours and pretty patterns’s stationery takes you one step closer to building your dream workspace. Instant hits have are the book of stickers - a must-have for any sticker hoarder and the “I did my best” pencil case. book of stickers

If your day could do with a little more stationery eye candy, check out our new collection here.